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Electric Shaver Razor for Men, MAX-T Quick Charge Rotary Shaver with Pop Up Trimmer, Wet Dry IPX7 Waterproof(Cannot be sold on Amazon)

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  • ▲USB QUICK-CHARGING AND LONG BATTERY LIFE - Support 60 min charge to 120 min shaving time(approximately 30 shaves). With micro USB cable with wall adapter 100-240v convenient for your daily and worldwide travel use
  • ▲POWERFUL MUTE CLOSE SHAVE - High Speed Motor up to 3200rpm, With a 4-direction floating head, the 3D Rotary Shaver automatically adapts to the contours of the face, neck and even the lower jaw, giving you a comfortable, close shave every time in a very low noise
  • ▲DOUBLE-TRACK SHAVING BLADE - With Double-track Ultra Thin Spherical Cutter Net and Self-sharpening Steel Blade, Increases the Wider Contact Surface than Single Track, Delivers a More Smooth, Close and Sharp Shave
  • ▲ONE TOUCH OPEN & POP-UP TRIMMER -Easy one push to open,perfect for side-burns,moustaches and any facial hairstyle with an precision trimmer
  • ▲WET AND DRY AND IPX7 WHOLE BODY SYSTEM - IPX7 Whole Body Washable allow you safely using electric razor whether wet or dry while showering and cleaning under Water. It allows you to shave wet with gel or foam for extra skin protection or dry for convenience

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