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Robotime ROKR 3D Hand Crank Projector Classic Film Vitascope Wooden Model Kit for Children LK601

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SKU: D0102HHL8PU-LK601 Vitascope

Based on antique-style film projector, LK601 Vitascope represents the great charm of the Silent Film Era. Assemble it piece by piece, rotate the crank to project a classic clip of Chaplin movie.You will savor a carefree pleasure during and after the building experience.


Package Contain:
Plywood,English instructions, other accessories without wax.
1. As wax is forbbiden on International shipping,we have to take it out. 
2. The wax is used to make the gear move smoothly. it is not necessary, you can don't use it or use candle to replace


Model Number: LK601

Recommend Age: 14+

Wood Pieces: 183pcs

Assembly Size: 223*133*255mm

Package Size: 320*235*51mm