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Robotime ROKR 3D Wheeled Siege Artillery Wooden Model Kit for Children Kids KW801

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SKU: D0102HECDXA-KW801 Wheeled siege artillery

For the round barrel, the small wooden slats used are pieced together into a nearly circular barrel, which provides the necessary path for the projectile.

ROKR Wheeled Siege Artillery produced by the elastic force provided by the rubber band (which may be changed to a spring or other structure) and the cooperation between the parts replaces the battery and realizes the manual launch.

This product weaves history and reality together, allowing us to hear the voice of a hundred years ago. The large and heavy shape shows an extraordinary momentum. Combination of gameplay and style, echoing the past and the present.

Package includes 5 table tennis balls (Diameter: 40mm)

Product Size: 320*130*210mm  

Wood Pieces: 158 pcs

Weight: 0.69 kg

Assembly Time: 3H