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Robotime ROKR Siege Heavy Ballista 3D Wooden Model Kit for Children Kids KW401

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SKU: D0102HECDXV-KW401 Siege heavy ballista

ROKR Siege Heavy Ballista KW401

Specification of ROKR KW401 Siege Heavy Ballista

Product Size: 210*185*190 mm

Wood Pieces: 142 pcs

Weight: 0.52 kg

Assembly Time: 3H

ROKR KW401 Siege Heavy Ballista is a ballista model of an ancient battlefield siege. It scales according to the original ballista, and ancient elements such as loop patterns are added to the appearance. Generally, the bowstring of the crossbow arrow is arc-shaped, and this product uses the arc as the basis, and the bowstring of the crossbow body has been improved to fit the characteristics of the ancient siege equipment.

Patterns matching the ancient siege equipment are bent around the base and crossbow body. The product only needs to gently pull the trigger, then you can experience the joy of operating the siege equipment.

【Planetary Gear Mechanism】The base is equipped with a planetary gear structure, which can realize 360-degree rotation, thereby driving the crossbow body and adjusting the shooting position of the crossbow.

【Ratchet Mechanism & Gear Drive】Turn the side handle, the tilt angle of the crossbow body can be adjusted through the gear drive, and the position can be fixed with the ratchet; to adjust the angle down, you need to loosen the ratchet and turn the handle again to adjust the angle.

【 Ejection Mechanism】 Use rubber bands to accumulate force to achieve string tensioning mechanism; hook the bowstring with teeth (hooks), install the arrow in the arrow groove of the crossbow body, adjust the angle of the crossbow body, and pull the trigger to make the “tooth” It retracts, the string is unhooked, and the kinetic energy formed by the rapid rebound of the opened bowstring is used to shoot the arrow.