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Vibration Plate Exercise Machine with Resistance Bands

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SKU: MMW55-1
This Vibration Plate Exercise Machine with Resistance Bands is a great way to sculpt every part of your body. The vibration plate provides different vibrations for each part of your body including vibrations for legs arms abdomen and buttocks. Sculpt transform and redefine your body with this vibration plate exercise machine.


  • Four suction cups on the bottom
  • A 200W power motor
  • Works for 10 minutes for each program and 60 minutes total
  • Provides different vibrations for each body part
  • Provides three standing workout positions of walking jogging and running
  • Three pre-set programs and vibration intensity from 1-99 to fit your needs and preferences
  • Operate the machine with the LED touch control panel or wireless hand controller
  • The black option is 27 x 15" with a 300 lb max weight capacity
  • The Silver option is 30'' x 17" with a 330 lb max weight capacity


30 Day Warranty